at London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2018


Saturday 12.00 & sunday 12.00

Discover Nature's Magic Nectar

The health and beauty benefits of raw honey. Discover how honey can help give you clearer skin, shinier hair, cleanse your liver, detox your body and more. An interactive session with a honey tasting treat!

Babar Ahmad - Latin Honey Shop


Will modest fashion continue to go mainstream?

The GIES Round Table Series on Modest Fashion - brought to you by DIEDC Modest fashion is no longer just for Muslims, and it is no longer limited to oversized clothes and neutrals. Now referred to as a global movement, conservative clothing has become an exciting new frontier for the fashion industry, but what does the future hold?

Brought to you by DIEDC


Changing Attitudes to Halal

A look at the interpretations of halal within the community and moving towards higher ethical standards. Hosted by Siddika, Founder of The Halal Dining Club - a one stop solution for halal diners looking to discover, book, review and get loyalty rewards from restaurants.

Siddika Jaffer - The Halal Dining Club


Fairtrade in Palestine

A look at the unique challenges of farming in Palestine, why fair trade is so important for farming families and what people in the UK can do to support rural communities in Palestine.

Manal Ramadan White, Managing Director - Zaytoun

SATURDAY 4.15 & Sunday 12.45

Your Guide to Hajj & Umrah

Hajj a Journey of the Hearts Make one of the greatest journeys of your life more memorable by ensuring you're well-prepared. Experts will be on hand answer to questions about the legal and logistics issues of this sacred rite.

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim - Dar El Salam


Being Ethically Halal

Doing Good - the Muslim Consumer's key role in the Ethical Economy Discover the important and growing link between Islamic and Ethical consumers. The seminar will explore these themes by food, finance and fashion with a panel discussion.

Brought to you by Good Force Labs

SUNDAY 11.45

How to Blog Like a Pro

Some of the most influential beauty bloggers will be sharing their expertise, along with providing an insight in to the world of being a well-known blogger.

Bubblegum Hijab, Aisha Rahman, Fatiha Rouf, Meh Malik


Decoding Love

Love: Everyone want’s it, but not everyone finds it. Discover the secret in this fast-paced, interactive session Wajeeha shows you how to navigate the maze and find, connect & Keep someone amazing. Join the conversation at MLS & Wajeeha Amin and let’s Decode Love. Session open to men and women to attend.

Wajeeha Amin, Relationship Coach


Parenting Like a Boss

Mothers are often spread too thinly between all their roles of at work, at home and everything in between. The session will focus on how to manage time for the workplace, the family, the home, and most importantly, oneself.

Nilly Dahlia, Parenting Vlogger


Mind, Body & Soul

An interactive session that aims to teach you the simple expert tips on being healthy in more ways than one.

Healthy Hijab


Money Matters

Discover tips and tricks on how to manage your money, with expert speakers from Al Rayan Bank.

Al Rayan Bank