The world’s leaders of the Islamic economy will be invited to come to London with one vision in mind – to grow the halal economy

Last year's event in Dubai

Last year's event in Dubai

Fri 14th April 2017
6.00pm – 9pm
At Olympia Conference Centre London

200 of the top Muslim influencers from around the globe will come together for this exclusive, invite-only event taking place at the iconic Olympia London in conjunction with the London Muslim Lifestyle Show, the largest showcase of Muslim businesses in the world.
The ISLAMICA 500 is a unique window to the best of what the Islamic economy can offer. Bringing together a tantalizing mixture from the world’s most prominent leaders of the industry and other professionals.
The panel, who haven’t met since October 2016, will come together to address the challenges beyond the UK Market and the worldwide opportunities that are available within the Islamic economy. Focusing on how Islamic finance can better serve the global real economy and how halal B2B can match B2C.

Panelists will include
Prof. Laurent Marliere, Publisher of the ISLAMICA 500 and Marketing expert
Prof Jonathan Wilson, Branding expert
Stuart Hutton, Islamic Finance Specialist
Waleed Jahangir, CEO Algebra Consulting

More to be announced...

By working together, they aim is to grow the halal economy and make a difference around the world.