Muslim Industry heads gathered to share advice and experiences at the hugely successful London Muslim LIfestyle Show Business Networking evening.

Special Guests, marketing and events veteran Kevin Jackson addresses the gathered crowd

Special Guests, marketing and events veteran Kevin Jackson addresses the gathered crowd

Last night saw the who's who of Muslim businesses come together for an intimate evening of networking and social repartee complemented with sumptuous canapes and refreshing mocktails at leading Halal fine dining restaurant HS&Co.


Hosting the soirée was renowned events empresario Waleed Jahangir, CEO of Algebra Consulting and Head of London Muslim Lifestyle Show. Welcoming all his honoured guests he told the crowd "London Muslim Lifestyle Show provides an opportunity for businesses like yourselves to network among each other and to help grow this halal economy. This event is not my event, This is your event and this is how we’re going to grow the economy - with small steps."


Special Guest on the night was a man consistently voted by the events industry as one of the most influential individuals in the events industry, Kevin Jackson of The Experience Is The Marketing. Sharing his wealth of experience with the gathered crowd he pointed out "You guys do one thing consistently. You don't shout enough about who you are." He went on to add "And do you know what you need? You need to go to Olympia. It's the energy, enthusiasm and passion you have for your brands and lifestyles that brings businesses to you. Put it in Olympia and you will be rewarded."

Guests were also treated to the learned insight of Dr Jonathon Wilson, cited as a Global Thought Leader in Islamic Economics, Halal Branding, Muslim Markets, and Muslim Millennials. He imparted some pearls of wisdom to the gathered businessmen and women such as ""Some pieces of advice: One: Spend time on your brand. This is what communicates trust with your customers. Two: Learn how to tell a really good story. Communicate the passion you put in to the outside world. And three: If you are going to be at this event, spend some time on your stand. That is your window towards dreams!"


Whilst savouring the delights of their hosts HS&Co, guests were also introduced to the man responsible for the delicious delights, the renowned Great British Halal Chef,  Hamza Harrak. He revealed his and partner Sam Mallach's motivation behind HS&Co's fine dining cuisine explaining that he felt it was time to do something for his people "We all grew up seeing these foods we can't eat. On TV celebrity chefs would make these dishes that looked good but we couldn't enjoy them. So I wanted to bring those to our culture and our tastes for us all to enjoy". 


Last but by no means least, came the announcement of the winner of the the prize giveaway a FREE stand (worth £1500) at the upcoming London Muslim LIfestyle Show 2017 at Olympia London. The proud, and extremely surprised winner was Zaynab Hamdi of ILM Projects. A perfect example of a worthy up and coming Muslim industry venture that London Muslim Lifestyle Show strive to support and raise up in it's ongoing efforts to nurture and help grow Halal SMEs and provide an international platform for the Muslim economy.