The inaugural London Muslim Lifestyle Show was held in April 2016 at the renowned Kensington Olympia London. The event was a huge success and superseded expectations.
With over 135 exhibitors from 14 different countries participating the event showcases the very finest from the Muslim market from food to the modest fashion industry and also Finance, Pharmacuticals, Travel, Media amongst other lifestyle sectors.


The show attracts a cross section of Muslim society across age groups. Our typical visitors are families not only from the UK but from all over the globe.

The London Muslim Lifestyle show takes particular pride in breaking down social barriers and stereotypes and as such provides a neutral and friendly environment attracting visitors from outside the vast Muslim community, welcoming the interest in our rich culture and industry.


To showcase the finest Muslim products and services on our international platform
To provide an international Platform for the Halal Economy
To provide a sought after platform for Consumers and Suppliers in this emerging market
To nurture and help grow Halal SMES
To highlight the many rich and positive aspects of the Muslim Community
To provide a platform for external brands to enter this lucrative emerging market



Watch the highlights of our 2016 show as shown on BBC one last year.


We are Algebra Consulting, a boutique Consulting firm, comprising of creative and consultant professionals, with a wealth of experience serving clients of diverse backgrounds in particular those in the Muslim cultural economic sectors in addition to mainstream organisations serving the Muslim communities.
Algebra Consulting are able to assist with integrating brands across leading sectors of the market (eg. emerging Muslim sector), connecting to end users via bespoke strategic solutions.

Our aim to provide a cross-cultural gateway for the mutual benefit of all involved and to continue to provide further and greater platforms for the Halal Economy.

HIGHLIGHTS: London Halal Food Festival 2016

Algebra Consulting also host the London Halal Food festival and the London Modest Fashion Show.

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